Leadership Experiences

Students deserve brave spaces to practice and apply their leadership skills.

Experiential Learning

We offer tailored, virtual programs to engage students on the topics below.


The best communicators aren’t always the one who talk the most or loudest.  

This learning track explores the hidden secrets to communicating effectively with others, covering topics such as active listening, inquisitive thinking, rapport building, empathy, public speaking.  Our S.P.E.A.K.I.N.G. framework has helped countless young people gain confidence in their presentation skills.

Intro: Become Familiar

Connect with people,  seek first to understand

Intermediate: Get Comfortable

The importance of trust as the key to strong relationships

Advanced: Influence Others

Present your authentic self and ideas effectively

  Critical Thinking

Not all problems are made or solved the same way.

This learning track explores how things are not always the way they seem and sometimes the limits of what you “can” do are only bound by our creativity and ability to see things from many points of view.  Our approach to problem solving puts young people in the driver seat to figure out what approach is best for all concerned.

Intro: Outside the Box

The power of creative thinking 

Intermediate: Working Together

Solve problems with contributions from everyone

Advanced: Activating Change

Organize people to meet community needs or goals


The best don’t always lead from the front.

This learning track explores how our unique experiences and personality traits affect our approach to navigating the world.  Everyone is a leader in their own right and leadership is a verb, not a title.  Our L.E.A.D.E.R. framework has helped frame “what is a leader” for countless young people who might need a steer in the right direction.

Intro: Leading Yourself


Explore the unique ways each of us tend to lead

Intermediate: Leading Teams


How to be a “servant leader” and work well with others

Advanced: Leading the Future


Practice tactics to set and achieve SMART goals

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